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Cody, Creative Director

My 8 year old muse

Between coordinating Danrie photoshoots, obsessing over every detail of our gorgeous packaging, social media posts, product displays, and more, I'm Mom to Waylon, an 8 year old third grader and the oldest of the #TeamDanrie kiddos. For the past few years, we've noticed cute clothing and accessory options for kids tending to drop off significantly around six years old. One thing that drew me to Danrie from the start was the commitment to serving looks and play things for the older kids too, part of our mission to be the ultimate source for "growing up stylishly." In addition to modeling in our photo shoots, Waylon has been a constant source of inspiration and support for all things Danrie. Recently, he and I combed through all of to hand-pick our absolute dream "big kid" shopping list, which we're super excited to share with you here! xo Cody