A Chat With Anne Niebuhr of Danish Heritage Brand Fixoni

Written by: Abby McIntosh

Here at Danrie, we spend a lot of time (and we mean a lot) searching far and wide for those special pieces  that look and feel unlike anything else we’ve come across—pieces that are made with a level of care and love that we can sense immediately. This, of course, explains our love for Danish brand Fixoni, whose pieces manage to strike the perfect balance between practical and heirloom. Think: soft and cozy, wonderfully stylish, and most importantly, totally easy to wear, wash, and pass down. We chatted with Fixoni’s Design Manager Anne Niebuhr about the brand’s approach to design, its storied history, and its shift towards sustainability.

Q: Can you please introduce yourself, share what your role is at Fixoni, and tell us a bit about the history behind the brand?

As Design Manager for the fashion brands of BRANDS4KIDS, I ensure the look, quality, and timing of the FIXONI collections. I work with designers, purchasers, and our fitting department to create the most beautiful and durable styles possible. FIXONI is one of our baby brands and it is close to our hearts to design styles we can certify as much as possible.

The Egret Romper

Q: We really feel that Fixoni pieces are instant heirlooms—timeless and comfortable without being too precious. How would you describe Fixoni’s approach to its design process? 

We are certainly aware of the fact that mothers today are the best critics of our work and as parents ourselves we are no different. We demand durable and soft daywear. The FIXONI team looks into every aspect of a style [when creating it]: the garment, the detailing, the fit, and how it washes and wears.


”Mothers today are the best critics of our work and as parents ourselves we are no different. We demand durable and soft daywear.”

Anne Niebuhr, Design Manager

Q: Fixoni was born nearly 60 years ago. What has stayed the same and what has evolved in terms of your ethos and process? 

The signature of FIXONI is the same but of course we seek market insights and explore trends and demand. We want to be the first piece of clothing given to new parents and we work by the phrase ‘my first Fixoni’ in our approach to the design, production, and marketing.

Q: Everyone at the Danrie office obsesses over how incredibly soft Fixoni pieces are; why is it important to you to work with natural fibers and what are some of their advantages?  

More natural fibers mean a softer feel against the skin of newborn babies. Often, these textiles are more durable and suitable for frequent washing, an important issue for baby wear. We love the thought of passing good quality garments on to future family members or friends.

The Long Sleeve Bodysuit & Leggings Set

Q: Can you tell us a little about your sustainability efforts?

We aim for a high percentage of styles in every collection to have a labeled certification (GOTS, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX etc.) while keeping a cost flow low to ensure advantageous prices for our customer.

Q: Last question—what are a few of your favorite Fixoni pieces?

I find the holiday items adorable. [I love the thought of] creating memories celebrating a baby’s first Christmas dressed for the occasion in soft cotton jersey with beautiful prints.

About Fixoni

Since its start in 1965, Danish brand Fixoni has earned a devoted following for its nostalgia-inducing pieces, which bring a modern vibe to classic shapes through elevated details, delightful prints, and impeccable fabrics. Shop the collection



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