By the Slice: Danrie's Favorites Around NYC

Written by: Simona Sudit

nyc pizza

For those who may not know, most of the Danrie team lives (and works!) in NYC. Some born, some bred, and some transplants. We spend a lot of time in the office together discussing all things for kids... and lunch. In honor of #NationalPizzaDay, the team got together to answer the question every New Yorker has an answer to: what's your go-to slice order?


Simona: I will never not crave a plain cheese slice from Joe’s Pizza, ideally from the Carmine St. location.

Caroline: Hotboi (pepperoni, jalapeño, and hot honey) from Scarr’s

Kerry: Pepperoni (not too hot!) from Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop.

Michaela: Nikita slice (penne vodka) at Nonnas 1977.

Cody: Vegan special slice from Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop.

Liz: Deep dish with peppers and pepperoni from Emmett’s. Editor’s note: Liz is from the Midwest.

Jaimie: Pepperoni from Joe’s Pizza.

Julia: Margherita from Marta.

vegan grain free pizza

One of the members on our team is vegan, and another is grain-free (it's not the same as gluten-free, FYI). They've shared their picks on where they go to get their fix. Because here in New York, everybody gets a slice. 


Double Zero in the East Village.

Paulie Gee’s and Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Brooklyn DOP in Park Slope, Brooklyn


Marinara, locations all over the city.

Malibu Farm in FiDi.

Certé in Midtown.