Danrie MadLibs: Elizabeth Grubaugh Creative

Written by: Ruthie Friedlander

Elizabeth Grubaugh portrait

Once upon a time, there lived a magical woman who went by the name of Elizabeth. Elizabeth, the mother to two beautiful children, lived in a house in the woods that only the most majestic of fairytale writers could conjure up.

Sound like a dream? 

For graphic designer and creative director Elizabeth Grubaugh, this is reality. 

“Sterling Forest is the name of the forest [I live in], and it is phenomenal,” Grubaugh tells team Danrie. “We have bear and fox, and so I get a lot of my inspiration right from my backyard.” 

Spend about five seconds on her eponymous site, and you’ll see the musings from said magical backyard in graphic form: a kerchief with the most beautiful florals, a card featuring a group of charismatic animal friends in Paris on a bike ride...

The inspiration, of course, comes from far beyond the backyard. “I love to travel, and I collect textiles wherever I go. I think I get a lot of color and texture inspiration from my travels. I also lived in Japan for a few years, and I think I brought a lot of those sensibilities back home.”

Elizabeth Grubaugh

With said sensibility, Grubaugh’s creations make for an ideal notecard for all ages to accompany your holiday gifts this season. Or even as a gift in itself to encourage our newer generations to bring back the lost art of letter writing. “It’s such a joy to receive a letter in the mail,” the artist says. Here, she plays the soon-to-be iconic Danrie Madlibs.