Farm Meets Pharma: KinderFarms Co-Founder Jeremy Adams

Written by: Cody McBurnett

KinderFarms founders

Let’s set the scene. Your kiddo is up with a cough/fever/upset tummy, and you reach into the medicine cabinet and grab a bottle of medicine. But have you ever looked at the back of the bottle to check out the ingredient list? Yeah, we hadn't either. Until we did! And wouldn’t you know it: “traditional” medicines can be full of inactive ingredients (the non-medicine part), which contain dyes, parabens, abd artificial sweeteners and flavors. A recent #DanrieFind has been KinderFarms, a family of kids’ healthy products that contain all of the ahhhhh benefits and none of the yuck!.

Not surprisingly, KinderFarms was started by two parents—actress Jessica Biel and natural products entrepreneur Jeremy Adams—who had a “farm meets pharma” idea. They launched in 2021 with an electrolyte beverage and have been growing the product line ever since. KinderMed launched in 2022 during a period of children’s medication shortages.

What was the impetus for starting KinderFarms? Were you initially looking for a product that didn't (yet) exist?

We wanted kids' health products and medicines with effective active ingredients, but with inactive ingredients we felt great about giving our own kids as well.

How did the product line evolve over time?

We started with Kinderlyte—the electrolyte beverage—then progressed to Kindersprout—the kids protein beverage—and finally we released KinderMed at the end of 2022—the infant and kids medicine line for cough, cold & flu, and pain & fever.

What do you think is most important for readers to know about KinderFarms and its products?

Kinderfarms is a company created by parents for parents. We aspire to be there for all parents day or night so they have products they can really trust to meet their family’s needs and fit with their values.

What do you remember as being particularly comforting when you were sick as a kid?

I didn’t get to watch a lot of tv growing up, so curling up with a big blanket, watching old tv shows, and eating homemade soup and ice cream sandwiches at my grandma’s was always an especially comforting experience.

Being a dad inspired you to start this company; can you tell us about your family?

My wife Mandy and I have a 7 year old daughter named Riley and a 2 year old son named Connor. Amongst other things, Riley loves chicken strips and edamame. Connor will eat anything that is not nailed down—but really can’t get enough KinderSprout and mac and cheese!


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