My 6-Year-Old Should Be a Style Blogger, But Instead, Has a Uniform

Written by: Ruthie Friedlander

Dear Danrie,

My six-year-old daughter started school this year (yay for full days out of the house!). I was excited that the school had a uniform – it seemed like one less thing I had to deal with in the morning, but my extremely stylish daughter has more or less expressed that this is “cramping her personal style.” How do I follow school rules without having her lose her flair?

Sartorially yours,

Fearfully Stifling Uniform Mom

Dear Fearfully Stifling Uniform Mom,

I’d be remiss not to preface my response by stating that every school uniform or dress code has different rules, so don't print this out and hand it to the headmaster as permission. But with that said…the solution to your problem lies in one word and one word only: ACCESSORIES. And while Madame Coco Chanel urged us “reasonable adults” to remove one accessory before leaving the house, we applaud the mini fashionista that piles it on. Stacked bracelets, layered necklaces from Paz Rodgriguez, headbands and bows…the options are (within school rules) limitless. Most importantly, remind your little one that fashion opportunities are everywhere – encourage them to change after school into a look that expresses how they are feeling at that moment. 

Bow-fully yours,



Dear Danrie