My Kid Refuses to Wear a Winter Coat

Written by: Ruthie Friedlander

Dear Danrie,

I wait all year to pull out my biggest, yummiest coats. Puffers, Double-faced cashmere robe coats. Shearlings. You name it; I have it. Sometimes I walk to my mailbox just to feel the comfort of being wrapped up in one of them!

My kid on the other hand? When I even say the word “coat,” full chaos breaks loose. I’m talking tears, red-faced, snot all over, chaos. My only options seem to be (A) letting the kid freeze or (B) keeping him at home. Unless there’s some magic jacket you have that will make him zip up?


Cold in Connecticut

Dear Cold in Connecticut,

What a wonderful coat collection you have. Do you ever swap a shearling in exchange for some good advice?

Outerwear is hard for kids. They’re often bulky, making it super uncomfortable to wear anywhere except in an actual snowball fight. Zippers, for the most part, look like contraptions created to injure you. It’s another “step” to the leaving home process, which is already overwhelming… and that’s before we even get to whatever color/characters/pattern they like.

Here are a few helpful tips here. 

Firstly, as a general rule, big, bulky clothing (yes, winter coats, too) should not be worn while your little one is in his or her car seat. Keeping the coat in the car so your kid doesn’t have to be overheated and stuffed like a Thanksgiving Day turkey in the back seat will help change their experience of coat-wearing.

Next, involve them in the shopping experience. Choose three coats that fit your needs and budget, print out photos of each, and let them choose which they prefer. Having a hand in decision-making will empower them and excite them when their Danrie box shows up. 

And if you need some suggestions of which coats to pick from, have no fear…


Mini-sized goes oversized. Made from recycled polyester, the Angy Jacket features color blocking and a warm teddy fabric — two of our favorite things. With a slightly oversized fit and deep, functional pockets, this is the ultimate layering piece that can stand on its own as the star of any outfit.

Maison Tadaboum Angy Jacket

Their favorite blanket in wearable form. Made of an ultra-warm faux fur, the Snowdrift Hooded Jacket is a sweet winter staple. A snap front makes layering simple, a hood keeps little heads warm all day long, and functional pockets keep the chill out.

Oh Baby! Snowdrift Hooded Jacket

Space cadets rejoice! The Calin Rocket Coat is here to keep your little astronaut warm and cozy on chilly days. Oversize rocket appliques make this coat stand out from the rest, while a contrast collar gives it extra style.

Konges Sløjd Calin Rocket Coat

Designed for winter adventures big and small. Designed to stay toasty and comfortable all winter long, the Animal Print Coat features a joyful cheetah print and a faux fur-trimmed hood. Quilted finish helps keep your little one warm in the snow.


Wear your heart on your pockets. The Calin Heart Coat brings such happiness and warmth to chilly and gloomy days. A classic navy color (that also happens to hide stains really well) is given a joyful boost by two red hearts on the pockets and a matching red collar accent.

Konges Sløjd Calin Heart Coat


A furry friend for cold days. The Faux Fur Collar Coat is the dream winter coat — warm, adorable, and durable. With a faux fur collar and the perfect amount of length, this coat will take you through winter with ease.

Paz Rodriguez Faux Fur Collar Coat

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Dear Danrie