Stuff Kids ACTUALLY Want For the Holidays

Written by: Ruthie Friedlander

Holiday Gift Giving

Wasn't it nice when the only rule of gift giving for kids was "no socks?" They say it's the thought that counts, but let's be honest, it feels really, really good to give a kid something they jump up and down over. If you're finding it difficult to find that perfect mix of "kids will love this" and "I always think this is chic," look no further than this round up, below. Here are our favorite gifts of stuff that kids ACTUALLY want for the holidays. We know, because we asked.


Hibiscus Linens Shades of Blue Florals Vintage Bow, $44

"This bow reminds me of something a princess would wear and also is blue. My school uniform is blue, so I think it would look good at school," Helaina, 6-years-old, New York City.

Huxbaby B-Ball Dino Backpack

Huxbaby B-Ball Dino Backpack, $58

'I'm learning about dinosaurs and they are so cool even though some are scary. My favorite is the stegosaurus because they ate plants," Rory, 4-years-old, Sea Cliff, New York.

Moulin Roty Les Parisiennes Giant Coloring Poster

Moulin Roty Les Parisiennes Giant Coloring Poster, $19
"I want this but only if daddy gets me new crayons. Will he?" Jilly, 7, Long Island City, New York

Moulin Roty Storytelling Deluxe Cinema Box

Moulin Roty Storytelling Deluxe Cinema Box, $60

"I want to be in the movies so this is a really good present to get me because it can help me make movies." Ben, 7, Silver Lake, California.

Esther Patchwork Party Dress

Esther Patchwork Party Dress, $128

"My mommy has a dress like this so I think it would look cute on Instagram if we both wear it so I want to have this." Beth, 9, Palm Beach, Florida.


Maison Tadaboum Tailor Sweatshirt, $76

“I really want this disco sweatshirt because I love dance music and can wear it to party.” Waylon, 8, Brooklyn, New York. 

explorer set suitcase

Moulin Roty Explorer Set Suitcase, $70

"This would be so fun to take on our favorite hiking trails to explore the outdoors!" Kennedy, 5, Ocean View, New Jersey.


Carry Along Sketchbook

Ooly Carry Along Sketchbook Dog, $14.50

"Oh! That would be perfect for me to sketch on while we are on long car rides to see family in Pennsylvania." Abbie, 7, Ocean View, New Jersey.


Luke's Toy Factory Big Box of Trucks, $99.95

“Vroom, vroom…beep, beep!” Jordan, Age 2, New York City.


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