Top Five Tips for Teaching Kids to Ride a Bike from the Experts at Banwood

Written by: Cody McBurnett

Banwood scooters, balance bikes, bicycles, helmets, and accessories just launched on!

If you’re ready to roll, but unsure of where one even starts when it comes to teaching a child to ride a bike, you’re in luck:

The experts at Banwood are here to spill their secrets for first time bicyclists and the grownups who love them.

What makes Banwood products unique?

The Bicycle for Kids are designed in rustic and durable high-end materials. The frame is made of steel and the handlebar of aluminum. The saddle and grips are made of high end faux leather, a material suitable for all round weathers and easy to wipe off. Detachable wicker basket in rattan for packing the essentials in for a day’s adventure. Within each phase, from designing and manufacturing to delivery and use, we pay close attention to each step it takes to offer a great bike experience. Our core values lie in safety, high quality and timeless design.

Why are Banwood bicycles and accessories good for first time riders?

As parents ourselves, safety is paramount. All our products are certified and made of durable materials to stand the test of time and provide a safe and fun ride for the little ones.


Balance Bikes are a Great Place to Start

Who (what ages) are balance bikes for?

Early riders from 2 and a half to 5 years old.

What are the benefits of a balance bike?

A balance bike allows your little one to independently develop their balance and coordination.

Why are balance bikes a great first step for kids learning how to ride a bicycle?

Balance bikes are the ideal first bicycle and the best way to introduce your little one to cycling as it naturally supports their development by promoting mobility and steering to ease the transition to a pedal bike.


Saftey First

Why are helmets so important?

Banwood kids helmets are the ideal for the smallest ones to keep safe when joining in for a ride. Our helmets have a durable ABS outer shell for the maximum protection and are lined with a soft inner foam.

How do we know which helmet size is right for us?

Our Child Safety Helmets are available in one size and have a dial-fit adjustment system in the back and the adjustable chin strap, which provides an exact fitting of the helmet, for maximum comfort and secure fit for your toddler.


Patience is Key

How do you know when a child is ready to learn to ride a bike? 

FROM REI: "There’s no right or perfect age to learn to ride a bike. The timing will depend on the child’s physical and mental development, comfort level and coordination… The biggest factor, however, will be whether they want to learn to ride a bike. If you think they “should” learn to ride but they don’t express any interest, you may want to wait until they are ready."



How do you recommend grownups work with their kids to learn to ride a bike?

First of all, don’t rush, let the kid approach the bike little by little. Assure that the handlebar and seat are perfectly fitted for the height of your kid. Make sure the feet touch the ground comfortably. We recommend bringing your kid to an open space to practice riding with not too many distractions and obstacles.


Have Fun!

Why is it important to have fun when learning how to ride a bike?

At Banwood, our ethos is: “Having fun is the aim of the game!”

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