What to Expect When Nearly Half of #TeamDanrie is Expecting

Written by: Cody McBurnett

Yup! You read that right. Three of our team members are expecting... And soon! Is there something in the water here at the Danrie offices? Or is it simply a great place to work if you're a parent (or soon-to-be parent)? I checked in with our founder and CEO, as well as our pregnant teammates, to see how they're preparing and what they can share about this unique and exciting time. 

Oh, babies!

Julia Zaborowski-Casper
Danrie's Founder and CEO

Danrie has 7 full-time employees and three of them are very, very pregnant. How are you and the rest of the team preparing for the mass exodus of maternity leave?
We are learning as we go! This is Corie’s last week and we’ve been scrambling to make sure we have transferred all her responsibilities over to other members of the team, gotten all the log ins we need and successfully filed her Paid Family Leave paperwork. By the time Kerry goes on leave (and we are doing this for the 3rd time in 5 weeks) we will have the process perfected!

Most importantly I want to make sure our teammates going on leave and team remaining in the office feel supported! There are lots of emotions….excitement, nervousness and pride as we prepare for this new chapter.

What is Danrie's maternity leave policy and why was it important to you to offer this?
I thought about what I wanted when I went on leave with my daughter 7 years ago! At my boutique consulting firm I received 3 months of short term disability (maximum payment of $1131.08 a week) and 1 month no pay. This was a fraction of what I was regularly making and my husband had just left his job corporate job to start his company. We couldn’t even pay our monthly bills without tapping into our savings.

Liz told me she was expecting the day after she accepted the job and I needed a formulate a leave policy FAST! After discussing with Phil (my husband and pro bono business advisor!), I decided four months full pay was a stretch for a start up but felt right for the kind of environment I was trying to create. Needless to say I never imagined 3 colleagues going on leave at same time! I am huge believer that the universe gives you what is meant for you and this was the plan for Danrie. I told the team it’s all about perspective, we can either let it stress us out everyday or look at it as an opportunity to get really scrappy, have fun with it and learn about other parts of the business you might not have otherwise been involved in. At the end of the day I want our Moms to have enough time to bond with their new babes and figure out their new normal.

What is the number one piece of advice you have for expectant moms?
My best advice is trust your motherly instincts when it comes to your baby, you truly know them best! I feel like most of the missteps I’ve made as a parent occurred when I took advice that went against my gut instinct.

What are your go-to new baby gifts?
Can I say everything on the site?! I hate to pick favorites but here’s a few!

I love all the Minois products but specifically for newborns the delicate gel is perfect for baths and the dry oil for baby massages! I brought both of my babes home in the Maire-Chantal Angel Wing Sleep Suit, it is so precious. Baby Club Chic is a brand I discovered while buying for Danrie and I think their jammies are the softest, this little duck pair is so sweet for a boy or girl. Lastly, I love these TRVL Design Roadie Pouches, they are great for packing your hospital bag and then your diaper bag!


Corie McCabe, due January 23, 2023

Corie McCabe
Danrie's VP of Marketing

Since this is your second time around, what did you learn from your first newborn experience that you'll for sure be repeating?
Newborns are very noisy sleepers! I would wake up with every noise and think something was wrong. White noise is a savior for everyone in the family!

And what's one thing you'll definitely do differently this time around?
This time around, I’m going to buy more clothing with zippers! Buttons are too hard for sleep deprived parents in the middle of the night! I also bought an Elvie hands-free breast pump to help with feeding. I didn’t have a toddler to chase around last time, so hopefully this will help me be more on the go while feeding my little guy.

Most surprising maternity dressing/style secret?
Splurge on maternity pants but size up in tops - that way you can wear them postpartum as well!

Favorite pregnancy treat or splurge?
I splurged on lots of pajamas for myself. I love Eberjey. I want to be comfortable and in the softest material possible at all times.

Wildest pregnancy craving?
Frosted Shredded Wheat!

What's on your delivery room playlist?
“You’ve Got the Love” by Florence + The Machine
“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac
“In the Waiting Line” by Zero 7


Liz Dickinson

Liz Dickinson
Danrie's VP of Merchandising

This is your first child. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten so far?
Luckily most of our friends have kids so I’ve been quietly observing for years, learning that no two families or experiences are the same. I felt super overwhelmed when it came to our registry and all of the baby gear needed so my best friend (a mom of 2!) more or less created that for me, saving me hours of research.

Most surprising maternity dressing/style secret?
My body changed more slowly than I expected - so stretchy pants were the key. I’ve been living in catsuits paired with my favorite button downs and sweaters.

Favorite pregnancy treat or splurge?
Still buying clothes I love - like cozy sweaters by La Ligne and Toteme. In my head I’m telling myself I can make them work when I’m not pregnant too but we’ll see how that works out. Anything to keep feeling like my normal self.

Wildest pregnancy craving?
The best part about being pregnant in NYC is on-demand everything. I may or may not have ordered Magnolia and Milk Bar delivery within the same 15 minute window last weekend.

What's on your delivery room playlist?
This is my husband’s responsiblity but we are both horrible with music. Will probably be an eclectic mix of Taylor Swift, Florence and the Machine, and the current Top 50.


Kerry Gaffney-Flores, due March 6, 2023

Kerry Gaffney-Flores
Danrie's Chief of Staff

Since this is your second time around, what did you learn from your first newborn experience that you'll for sure be repeating?
Take a shower and eat a snack before heading to the hospital. It was nice to not be hungry.

And what's one thing you'll definitely do differently this time around?
Take every day and every moment in stride. Every baby is different and recognizing that the experience with Baby Flo will be different than RJ is key! 

Most surprising maternity dressing/style secret?
Leggings are life.

Favorite pregnancy treat or splurge?
It's been such a nice luxury to get a mani/pedi every couple of weeks, especially the pedi! I'm on my feet a lot during the week and having that little bit of pampering is fabulous. I always visit Paintbucket in Williamsburg -- they have such a relaxing environment and it's a great space for me to just unwind and unplug.

Wildest pregnancy craving?
Not sure if this is a wild craving, but I've been hooked on bubble tea for the majority of my pregnancy. I've been ordering it for delivery from Vivi or Coco in Astoria. Give me a large iced passionfruit with tapioca and I'm a happy lady!

What's on your delivery room playlist?
I didn't have a playlist for my first pregnancy; I ended up taking a nap before delivery because my water broke at night. If I decide to do a playlist this time around, "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa might make the cut.


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