Worth the Wear: Mon Coeur Sweatshirts

Written by: Ruthie Friedlander

What is the difference between a piece your kid just throws on and a memory-inducing item that makes them feel their most authentic self (and, sidenote, makes you feel like a parental rockstar…). Let’s go behind the scenes with some of our favorite Danrie brands and explore what makes that must-have item worth the wear.




Pictured above, Mon Coeur's Earth Loving Kid Sweatshirt, $62

If you’re looking for a brand that truly practices what it preaches, look no further than the planet-friendly (and insanely adorable) Mon Coeur. Love them for their mission, shop them for their styles, and pass them down for their long-wear value. And by “them,” we’re talking about the adorable sweatshirts that are equal part chic and kid-friendly. Here, we get the 411 straight from founder Louise Ulukaya on what makes these sustainable sweatshirts sustainably purchasable. 

What makes your sweatshirts so soft?

All our sweatshirts are made of a blend of upcycled organic cotton and organic cotton, while all the embroideries and prints are made with non-toxic coloring. No chemicals or harsh materials are involved in making any of our clothes. That was very important for me–to create sustainable clothing without compromising on the comfort of the clothes.

What efforts does the brand need to make to stay as environmentally friendly as it is?

Doing things “the right way” is not always the easiest thing. It is time-consuming and a financial investment. It took Mon Coeur three years of research and development before we could officially launch to make sure it was perfect from a design point of view and comfort perspective, all while making a collection that has a negative carbon footprint on the environment.

Why is it so important to you as a founder to have such a deep commitment to the environment? 

I always believed in doing good. For me, there is just no other way of running my business. We all can do it if we take the time. Yes, it will present its challenges, but the reward of knowing that we are making a positive impact on the environment so our kids and grandkids can have a planet to live in is the biggest joy for my team and me at Mon Coeur. 

We are obsessing over the prints and designs of your sweatshirts. Can you talk about the inspiration?

Fall winter 22’ is inspired by nature. It is a tribute to the Earth and all we love so much about it, from the animals to the trees and plants. The color palette centers all around soft pinks and deep greens

Do you think it’s important for our children to understand this about what they’re wearing? 

Education is so important, especially when it comes to sustainability. It can get complicated and overwhelming at times! Educating not only the kids but the parents on why it is so important to buy better, to buy less but to buy in a ‘smarter’ way, [is essential]. 

Why are the iconic Mon Coeur sweatshirts your must-have item?

Mon Coeur Sweatshirts

I LOVE [our] sweatshirts! They are my favorites. Very comfy, very cute, and super easy for parents to wash, and kids can wear them anywhere. They are just fun –and made from upcycled cotton!

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