Celebrating Valentine's Day with the Kids

Written by: Cody McBurnett

Here at Danrie we're all about making everyday moments magical. A day dedicated to love and sweets is pretty magical already, but we asked our team to share some of their ideas and traditions for making Valentine's Day with kids even sweeter. 

When the moon hits your eye like a heart-shaped pizza pie...

There’s nothing like Italian food to set the stage for romance (hello, Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene) and the way to a kid's heart is definitely through pizza. It's easy enough to DIY at home with some pre-made dough, but we love that so many pizzerias offer heart-shaped pies for delivery on Valentine's Day. Easy, affordable, and a definite crowd-pleaser.


matching family heart pajamas for valentines day by marie chantal

Pajama Party!

Our Founder Julia and her kids get cozy on Valentines Day in their matching Marie-Chantal heart pajamas.

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Dinner Date

Julia’s first Valentine's Day with her husband consisted of a disposable red tablecloth purchased last-minute at the drugstore and takeout from their favorite local Chinese restaurant. Adding Dorie and Jordan to the tradition has only made the annual dinner date more fun.


heart pancakes for valentine's day

A heart-y breakfast

A small heart-shaped cookie cutter taken to pancakes makes for a sweet stack. Last year I got ambitious and stacked them with some maple icing and filled the center with sprinkles, but they can be filled with fruit or jam or syrup or stacked together with peanut butter.  

Story time

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to share a romantic story with your kids. Maybe it's the story of how their parents met, or their grandparents, or a favorite date you had. Maybe your kids will awww or maybe they're old enough to ewww, either way, there are guaranteed to be some big smiles.  

  mini bouquet for kids on valentine's day

Bouquet for me, mini bouquet for the mini me

When their family of two became a family of three, Corie’s husband kept up his yearly Valentine's Day tradition of sending his wife a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but added a second, smaller bouquet to the order for his daughter. What a sweet way to include the kiddos!

Wear your heart on your sleeve(s)

Dress your whole family in reds and pinks for the day. Need some inspiration for the littles? Check out our red and pink inspired Valentine's Day edit



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