Sweatshirts Even the Most Uptight Grandparents Would Approve Of

Written by: Ruthie Friedlander

Sometimes (read: often) the juice is not worth the squeeze. In this specific scenario we're talking about the following:

You're on your way to your parents and/or in-laws. You want your little to look adorable in that (okay, you'll admit it) slightly itchy sweater Nana bought last Fall. But all your kid wants to wear? The cozy, sleeves-with-a-dusting-of-crusted-snot, sweatshirt she's been wearing five days in a row. It has holes in it. It smells, You're not even 100% positive where she got it (did she steal it from someone else's cubby? Shit.)

There are five minutes on the clock. What do you do?

Thankfully, the althleisure market and all it's chicness has trickled down to even the littlest sizes, and we've curated the more adorable, and yes, grandparent-approved, styles. 

So while we can't guarantee the whole wiping of the nose thing, we can assure you you'll have options you'll be less annoyed to wash. Shop our favorites, below.

Purple sweatshirt

Alive with style. A disco dream come true, the Tailor Sweatshirt features an oversized animated disco ball print, making it a cheerful way to top any outfit. Mid-weight organic cotton is oh-so warm and ready to be layered.


All shapes and sizes. Featuring a lively geometric print, the Louisa Sweatshirt can be paired with just about any bottoms for a cute outfit in an instant. Breathable organic cotton is comfy to wear, and a wide ribbed waistband provides extra stretch.


The Hunt