“Spa Day” Bedtime Routine for Kids

Written by: Cody McBurnett

Spa Day Bedtime Routine for Kids

Usually when we think of the word pamper in the context of little ones, the mind goes straight to diapers. But we shouldn’t forget that a little bit of non-diaper pampering is important for caretakers and kiddos alike!

Here’s a guide for helping your child get cozy and relaxed at the end of a long day (and, fingers crossed, help bedtime go all the more smoothly so you can get some self-care time too).

Bath time

Set the stage for relaxation with a candle (bonus: kiddos will love how “grownup” their bath time feels with a warm glow and the scent of this Minois orange blossom candle). 

Draw a warm bubble bath (the more bubbles, the better!).

Add some toys to keep hands and minds engaged. Quut Toys makes some of our favorite bath toys and puzzles

Cleanse with a gentle cleanser. We love this one from Minois that doubles as a body wash and shampoo

After the bath

Dry off with a soft and cozy plush towel like the 100% cotton bunny hooded towel by Effiki

Moisturize skin with a delicately scented lotion and treat your little on to a massage with a nourishing oil like this dry oil from Minois.

Brushing hair helps keep tangles at bay. Not so much hair yet? A soft brush like the Aristidis Hair Brush from Marie-Chantal feels great on skin can help stimulate the scalp.

Brush teeth with a toothbrush that makes brushing fun. We carry fun and easy-to-grip brushes for teethers, babies, and toddlers from Hamico


Change into soft, breathable pajamas.

Deep, calming breaths help settle even the most energetic little one. Kids 8 years old and up can get some relaxation assistance with a few deep breaths of calming aromatherapy from Madison & Green.

Cuddle in a super-soft, luxe blanket like these starry alpaca throws from Paris West.

Read a familiar, favorite book together to close out the day.

Kisses, hugs, and sweet dreams! xoxo Danrie

P.S. Check out our curated SPA DAY ESSENTIALS collection to make a habit of self care at every age.